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  • American Antique Hutch Table, Tavern Farm Table, Pennsylvania c. 1860-80

American Antique Hutch Table, Tavern Farm Table, Pennsylvania

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Rotates on pins into chair form
Probably Pennsylvania c. 19th Century
Item # 130010MCA26

This is a wonderful work from the late 19th Century, crafted in the Mid-Atlantic states - probably Pennsylvania c. 1860-80. It features a large scrubbed pine top, well worn and full of character, this dovetailing onto the large shaped cleats running perpendicular to the frame; holes in the cleats correspond to holes in the frame, through which original turned pins are inserted and allow the antique hutch table top to rotate smoothly and transform the piece into a bench. This feature allowed the table to be stowed against the wall as a functional storage and seating device when not in use, then to be pulled out and enjoyed with guests when company is visiting; much in the same spirit of practicality that inspired the tilting tea tables, the hutch table found great popularity in the Mid-Atlantic and New England states for two centuries. This antique tavern table is almost certainly c. 1860-80, the circular saw marks on the original drawer bottoms suggestive of a post-1840 origination. The entire frame is through-tenon construction, locking the pine together with an incredible strength and sturdiness. Two lipped drawers slide in and out of the seat, these hand dovetailed front and back with chamfered bottoms that slide into rabbets along either side and are tacked twice in the back with square iron nails. Identical oxidized and rusted nails are found in consistent form along the back of the case under several layers of paint.

The surface is very attractive, a later refinish that remains in excellent condition throughout; the top was left untouched. While many antique furnishings can be difficult to incorporate into today's home, this table is quite the exception. It boasts incredible character and depth in the scrubbed top, being of perfect size for any breakfast nook or sunroom. Very sturdy and absolutely functional, this is a piece you will enjoy with a game of cards or socializing with guests without concern for a pristine or original surface. Moreover, as decor changes you can absolutely incorporate this antique American table into a strikepoint for a wide hallway or entryway in it's "bench" form, the drawers making a very practical space for clutter-free storage of smalls.

Measurements: [in table position] 51 3/8" wide x 37" deep x 29 3/4" high; [in raised "chair" position] 36" width from arm to arm, 19 1/4" deep x 53 1/4" high to top of table; 19 1/2" high to seat

Condition Report:
Bottom of drawers have deep circular saw marks - the circular saw was not widely in use until around 1860 and suggests a later 19th Century date than the appearance and form would usually suggest (typical form 1840-60). Refinished in a later "grain" painted surface, probably during the mid 20th Century. Missing one of the four pins. Loss to some surfaces, including a scratch to the back, some painted over losses to the drawer lips and knobs and some wear to the feet. The top has a delightful wear to it. Sturdy and strong. Please review all images in the slideshow for a full overview of condition.