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  • American Federal Red Painted Antique Blanket Chest, Pennsylvania

American Federal Painted Blanket Chest, Pennsylvania c. 1820

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Probably Pennsylvania c. 1800-20, Yellow Pine Secondaries
Untouched original condition
Item # 130002FHK19

This piece is simply a treasure - an untouched and entirely original American Federal Period Antique Blanket Chest crafted during the first quarter of the 19th Century, almost certainly in Pennsylvania. It features six-board construction, every junction dovetailed for a permanent and flexible join throughout. The surface is dry and well patinated, almost certainly the original painted surface; the history of this antique blanket chest, how it was enjoyed and used over the last two hundred years, is tattooed in the stains, abrasions and oxidized scars across it's fine dark red painted finish.

The top projects over the antique blanket chest with applied molding along the facing edges, this with a scratched-channel giving form to the molding, the lid lifting over original square iron hinges with untouched screws. The iron lock and catch are still original to the chest, though the key has since been lost; a crescent is worn in the underside of the top where the lid of the till has scraped over the years, this same surface inscribed "Jennise A Bowman", "Vanessa C. Roscoe" along with earlier mostly illegible inscriptions and numbers. Bringing harmony to the molded top is the opposing molding of the base, this stacked with a bead over rounded molding with a scratched-channel over the bracket feet. The form of the feet are appropriate and restrained, the scroll cut bracket form giving just subtle shape to an otherwise stoic form. The dovetailed feet are crafted such to showcase the most attractive perspective of the dovetail on the forward facing surfaces; the sides join the front board with half-blind dovetails, leaving the forward facing surface of the board unblemished by visible dovetailing.

This is a wonderful find for any serious collector of American furniture, preserved and clearly cherished by prior caretakers, retaining originality in every aspect of the antique blanket chest. It is a gorgeous piece with charming proportions, above reproach in every way and a piece you will cherish in your collection for a lifetime.

Measurements: 37 3/4" wide x 17 1/2" deep x 23" high

Condition Report:
Finish is very early, possibly original - it appears to be the lowest painted surface with no other colors visible or evidence of preserved layers beneath; surface is dry, heavily oxidized, worn and well patinated. One nail added to the rear left molding to secure it to the case. We believe the lock is original, though there is no key present. Every aspect of the chest appears to be original and untouched - feet, hinges, latch, interior, base. A very fine piece - please review all images in the slideshow for a full overview of condition.