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  • Fine American Queen Anne Spanish Foot Antique Side Chair, Connecticut c. 1720

Fine American Queen Anne Spanish Foot Antique Side Chair, Connecticut c. 1720

ITEM #: 120012YRE13

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Probably CT or Portsmouth, New Hampshire c. 1720-40
Item # 120012YRE13
Maple (crest, stiles, splat, keeper, legs, upper right-side stretcher)
Oak (stretchers) - wood inside of rush seat has not been examined

This antique 18th Century side chairis a wonderful example of the craftsmanship of the American Queen Anne Period. Featuring a molded yoke crest rail, sharply channeled at the slope to create three inward flowing layers on either side, the shape gives the splat a certain unusual sharpness and an atypical austerity. The shapely vasiform splat tenons into the crest and the keeper bar, flanked by shaped and molded stiles that follow the flow of the splat - the keeper bar still has score marks visible on it where the tenons were cut, along with wedges on either side of the splat as it has shrunk over the years. The stiles continue down in a solid piece into square backward canted legs that notch at the ankle. A trapezoidal replaced rush seat locks the frame and design together, resting over turned from legs that terminate in carved Spanish feet, stretched by an incredibly robust medial stretcher and bold side stretchers.

Similar examples include fig. 2100 "Spanish Foot, Molded Back Stiles and Top Rail, Maple, Connecticut 1720" in Furniture Treasure (Wallace Nutting), which includes a very similar ring-and-baluster side rails topped by a plain turned stretcher. However, the crest treatment and stretchers are also not dissimilar to treatments of chairs in Portsmouth during the same period.

This is a simply outstanding find for any serious collector of Early American works. Well preserved with a fine patina beneath (poorly applied) later wax, sturdy and strong in all joints and with only the most minor of flaws for a delicate work of this period, this is a piece you will enjoy in your collection for a lifetime.

Measurements: 19 3/4" wide x 17 1/8" deep x 40 3/4" high; 17" high to the seat

Condition Report:

  • Poorly waxed (far to thickly applied) protects an early refinish beneath it - we would probably recommend rubbing down a few layers of the wax for optimum appearance eventually, as it attracts dust and has some craquelure to it.
  • Left stile has loss at the corner of the interior edge by the rush seat.
  • Rush seat is replaced.
  • Front stretcher is worn out of the round.
  • Right foot has a repaired crack/blemish at the ankle, the crack filled.
  • Curious wood filler below where the upper side-stretchers join the rear stile on both sides.
  • Crack where the stile meets the crest at the back on the left side.
  • Repaired crack in the underside of the corner block where the right leg joins the seat.
  • Upper right-side-stretcher is maple, while all of the other stretchers are oak - these upper side-stretchers have slight length variation to the turned parts when measured carefully, which results in one having the exposed tapered end where it joins the rear stile.

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