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  • Antique Roman Painting of Woman and Child, 19th Century, Italian
  • Italian School (19th Century) Antique Oil Painting of Mother & Child
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Fine Italian School (19th Century) Antique Oil Painting of Mother & Child

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Oil on canvas lined on panel, Unsigned, ca. late 19th century
Item # 510UWG22A

A finely detailed Romanesque scene featuring a mother with her child at an open window, the work is a positively exceptional example of Romantic realism with technically perfect shadows and use of sunlight to create emotion in the painting.  The infant looks directly at the viewer with a happy affect, sitting on the window sill and bouncing his arms.  His mother looks over what is presumably a long distance to the street below, holding her child gently while seeing the activity of the morning.  She is detailed in a most magnificent way, her hair halfway hidden beneath the angular covering on her head, the silk shawl with a beautiful border only hinted at, the opacity of the material showing hints of her red shirt below.  

The piece has been carefully preserved on a wooden panel, allowing it to remain fully stable and in quite exceptional presentation-ready condition.  It retains what we believe to be the original frame.  

For serious collectors of Romantic fine art, this is a most magnetic Genre scene that will certainly make a dramatic difference in whatever room it becomes a part of.  Rich in detail and vibrant in color, the piece captures a curious story that draws the viewer in the longer you look upon it.

Measurements:  [frame] 34 1/8 W x 39 1/4 H; [panel] 19 3/4 W x 24 1/2 H

Condition Report:
Frame is period correct with extensive gilding loss/joint separations; slight gap between inner border and the painting.  Canvas relined on panel, label verso inscribed by the conservator and dated August 1935.  Surface cleaned in the last decade.  Under UV a milky-green cast from fresh varnish somewhat obscures examination; touch ups under uv to: edges where frame touches, void in doorway behind female, both lower corners, other small spot touch ups in the lower half.  Light horizontal abrasion mid-lower quadrant (at tip of draped shawl), abrasions to left side at hanging grape leaves, light craquelure across surface.