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  • Floor-to-Ceiling Regency Giltwood Wall Mirror, 19th Century, 89" H
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Floor-to-Ceiling Regency Giltwood Wall Mirror, 19th Century, 89" H

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Circa early-to-mid 19th century, probably English
Item # 702BPQ22P 

This most unusual floor-to-ceiling mirror is such an interesting object for an interior - intended to be wall mounted with the pair of tabs flanking the arched top while the bottom edge rests on the floor, the mirror enlarges the room without any distracting ornamentation.  Particularly beautiful is the worn original gilding with hints of the cream bole showing through beneath the gold, much of the gilding tarnished and nearly black.  The replaced glass allows the mirror to be used functionally, having only light scuffs/etc. as expected.  The back of the mirror shows untouched structure with a nice nut brown oxidization throughout the pine panels, each backboard chamfered on the edges and tacked into the grooved frame edges.  It is a piece very infrequently found - a most aesthetically pleasing piece for an interior where rich surfaces and unusual objects can add needed depth and visual interest.

Measurements:  89” H x 30” W x 2 1/2” D

Condition Report:
Glass replaced during twentieth-century.  One missing backboard, all other backboards and nails original.  Giltwood heavily worn with extensive chipping, loss and old cracking.