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  • French School Antique Bronze & Alabaster Sculpture Maiden

French School Antique Bronze & Alabaster Sculpture Maiden c. 1900, Schumacher

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"Schumacher" Foundry Mark on back and bottom, Signed "Henry"
Classical Figure of Autumn: a Maiden with Grapes and an Amphora on a Mottled Green Marble Base
Probably c. 1900-1920
Item # 120012TUP07

This is a fine original antique bronze sculpture by the Schumacher foundry of Austria, actively producing this subject from the years of 1900-1920. Employing numerous skilled sculptors, the Schumacher foundry has a quite distinctive style, all of their sculptures being of incredible precise and quality craftsmanship, most of their works a blend of Alabaster with Bronze over various bases. Many works by this firm were bronze busts capturing the subject at the shoulders, but the most valuable and highly sought after are the full length figures.

The antique bronze sculpture being crafted partially of alabaster, partially of bronze, they are particularly susceptible to damage and few have survived over the years. Most that have will be found with loss of alabaster portions - this work likewise suffered some damage at the foot and neck, both of which were retained and professionally restored at some point over the last quarter of a century.

This figure is of a Maiden with an arm overflowing with clusters of grapes, her left hand grasping an ovular amphora full of water or wine - this classical figure is typically associated with the onset of Autumn, a romantic form revived during the Art Nouveau period of sculpture.

In every way an exceptional work, both when compared with other works of the Schumacher foundry, but also when compared simply on merit alone - the deep brown patina of the bronze is engrossing, the dress flowing so smoothly and perfectly in flawless realism, the alabaster carved with precision in every element. Signed "Henry" on the back of the flowing garb, stamped with the "Schumacher" mark on the back and in a medallion on the underside of the marble, this is a rare and wonderful antique bronze sculpture that you will treasure in your collection for a lifetime.

Measurements: 19 1/4" high x approx. 6" wide x approx. 6" deep

Condition Report:
Alabaster discolored, dirty and dusty. Neck repaired - the repair is quite well done, with a little glue visible on the side and a very slight roughness. Gap between left foot and bronze. Left foot cracked and repaired. Patina rich and brown with well preserved waxed surface. Please review all slideshow images prior to purchase.