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  • Italian Neoclassical Walnut Antique Commode, Late 19th Century
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Italian Neoclassical Walnut Antique Commode, Late 19th Century

ITEM #: 509OJZ28

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Circa Late 19th Century
Item # 509OJZ28

A warm and inviting piece that brings an angularity and simplicity to the interior, the mellowed patina of the golden surface is most attractive.  Crafted during the last quarter of the 19th century in the manner of forms a century prior, the craftsman showed great care to lend an aged appeal to his design by incorporating old wood and repurposed elements into the form as much as was reasonable, allowing the natural patination and oxidization of old woods to be present in the chest even at time of completion.  After another century or so of life, the chest has developed a very nice surface depth and natural softness that is so cherished in old furnishings.  The three drawers are each divided into three distinct rectangular panels with thick applied borders, these flanked by bevelled and deeply stop-fluted corner columns.  Each drawer is hand dovetailed with a ring pulls and a large steel lock with the original working key.  The chest rests over tapered and fluted legs.

The sharp angles and mellowed surfaces allow this piece to be incorporated as a strike point piece in even more modern interiors, lending a richness of surface and form that add depth to any well thought out interior. 

Measurements:  25" D x 50" W x 33 1/2" H

Condition Report:
Old shrink gap in the top with a slight warp at the rear left corner.  Some bottom boards on drawers are replaced.  Brasses replaced.  Old inactive pest damage.  Minor dings and abrasions as expected with some staining to the top.