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  • Aesthetic Movement Silver Giltwood Mantel Mirror c. 1870-90
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Aesthetic Movement Silver Giltwood Mantel Mirror c. 1870-90

Price:  $5,800.00

ITEM #: 809FLI15P

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Circa 1870-90
Item # 809FLI15P 

A very large and substantial strike point piece, this over-mantel mirror is an angular creation of the Aesthetic Movement.  At least in part a response to the perceived degrading of beauty found in the replicative mass-production of objects during the Industrial Revolution.  The present mirror is particularly interesting as it shows emblems and motifs that are predecessors to the Art Deco movement with intense stylizing of lotus flowers, the angular pyramids along the top and the geometrical representation of foliage along the top.  Situated as a focal point is a large squared structure with three stylized four-pedal flowers.  The distinctly Eastern influence on Aestheticism is evident in the pair of panels flanking this, each characterizing the honeysuckle and foliage with a Japanese flair common to the period - note the pedals of the lower branch, each like wings of a butterfly as the vine rises up and wraps around the honeysuckle.  It is finished in gilding with a silver wash.

This is a rare and powerful acquisition, one that rarely comes on the market and makes a tangible difference to the interior.

Measurements: 52 3/4" H x 60 1/2" W x 5" D

Condition Report:
Some scuffs, scratches and cloudiness to the glass, likely original.  Discoloration, tarnish and chip loss to gilding throughout.  Old nails to right side tightening up corner joint.  Trace touch ups to gilding and polychroming.  Bracket on back shifted, backboards original.