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American Industrial Style Handmade Tumbled Steel Side Chair, 21st Century

Price:  $590.00


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Call us directly at (717) 708-9017 M-F 9a-5:30p EST or email

With bound fibre rush cord seats
Item # 16M1TDNP

We have designed this chair in-house at Silla Fine Antiques, the frame entirely hand crafted by a local craftsman using solid steel. Each member of the frame is worn and textured in a tumbling process, allowing a rich and "old" surface complete with only traces of the original carbon scaling retained in the recesses of the material.  This lends a beautiful character to the surface and no two chairs are ever alike. The frames are then sealed in only a light lacquering, allowing the surface of the metal to remain as close to the eye as possible without being too heavily glossed.  We then hand bind each chair in a process that involves nearly eight-hundred feet of fibre rush cord just for the seat alone, a rigourous effort that requires approximately four hours per chair.  Each is bound parallel across the frame in a full over-and-under wrap, then completed in a perpendicular motion over and under the exaggerated front rail. The curvature of the crest is achieved by first binding the chair in a horizontal manner, then progressively tightening the vertical bind as it pulls the crest lower.  An inoridinately heavy and structurally powerful T-bar is utilized in the frame, the chairs intended to be an investment that can last beyond our lifetimes.  A curved triangular pad joins the underside of each foot, the welded joint left nearly unground.  Throughout the chairs, we've worked to allow the raw and highly diverse nature of the material be expressed - be it through open weld joints, rough grinding and smoothing, areas of nearly blackened carbon residue and surface folding and pitting.  These create a certain surface chaos that is counteracted by the perfect and smooth parallel lines and tight curvature of the fibre binding.  

At any given time, we only have a handful of these chairs available, as there is quite a bit of time invested in the creation of each piece.  These are represented on our site as single side chairs, pairs and sets of four, also being presented with the side chairs in larger sets - there is an arm chair designed to accompany the side chair as well.  Your order may require 6-8 weeks for fabrication depending on the size and availability in the shop.  For questions regarding availability, timing and pricing please contact us at the shop at (717) 658-8274 or

Measurements18 3/8” high to seat; 31 3/8” high x 15 1/2” wide at the feet x 18” deep at the feet