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Antique Room-Size Heriz with Serapi Colors circa 1900 | 13.25' x 11.5'



Persia, circa 1900
Item # 006VJW14D 

This is a fine and large antique Heriz rug with a wonderful color palette and very striking low pile. Woven at the turn of the century circa 1900, the rug exhibits the fruits of years of careful and even wear - the colors are mellow and delightfully tame.

With an unusual overall form, the dark blues of the corners present more as pinched edges as opposed to the more typical diagonal spandrels common in the Heriz rug. The cream ground swells like wings around the faceted diamond inner border, this with a rich brick red ground and a stepped edging. The eight-point medallion of the central motif is a display of serrated blue and red foliage around a perfect red square at the very center. 

The weave is whimsical and delightful with an active landscape of plants, representations of flowers and other stark geometrical shapes. Each is tightly woven and crisp. It is surrounded by a primary cobalt border with serrated acanthus leaves and repeating florals connected with thin cream vines.

Crafted in the region of Heris in East Azerbaijan, the Heriz rug is known for it's tough construction and sharp repeating geometry. These are rugs that truly become more beautiful over time, as wear and use slowly brings out the design by lowering the pile, the colors becoming more mellowed and desirable as appropriate sunlight softens the overall hues of the carpet.

With mellow colors, an incredible stark geometrical design that is made more clear by the low even pile, the carpet presents beautifully with only minimal repairs after more than a century of careful use. It is a true statement piece with a large profile and bold form. The sturdy weave of this rug will allow it to survive many generations if well cared for.

Measurements: 159" L x 137" W (13.25' x 11.5')

Condition Report:
Low pile throughout with weft/warp structure visibility in numerous areas; structure soft and pliable; cross-stitched repair to one spandrel; ends reduced; some threading to selvedge cords.