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  • British School (19th Century) Genre Painting of Farmer and Animals
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British School (19th Century) Genre Painting of Farmer and Animals

Price:  $2,150.00

ITEM #: 711HKU25P

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Unsigned, early-to-mid 19th century; old label on stretcher noting Charles Towne attribution
Item # 711HKU25P

This very finely painted scene captures a rural landscape where a farmer is walking down a dirt lane with his two horses, cow and dog with the farmhouse in the background.  The level of precision in the details is noteworthy, this relatively small scene packed with crisp rendering of the farmer’s face, the animals and foliage.  The use of light throughout the scene is intriguing with strong shadows emenating from the leafless trees and passing behind the animals as they walk.  The reverse of the painting shows a rather old construction methodology for the stretchers, whereby the medial bar actually dovetails into the sides of the frame; the keys are original and all wood retains a beautiful nut brown patina.  Housed in an old and attractive giltwood frame likely from the first half of the 20th century, black lettering along the edge attribute the painting to C. Towne & F. Wheatley, R.A. and additionally a rather old blackened label on the medial stretcher bar notes the painting as being attributed to Charles Towne - this is not our attribution, though the work certainly is in the taste of both Towne and of Francis Wheatley, the scene overall being very handsomely rendered with a degree of skill and accomplishment in scale and lighting that is indicative of a highly developed brush.

Measurements:  19 7/8 W x 22 3/4 H [frame]; 11 1/4 W x 14 1/4 H [canvas]

Condition Report:
Heavy craquelure throughout, more obvious on the proper left side of the painting.  Conserved in the last decade, the surface still remaining quite vibrant; under UV some old restorations are visible with flares in the foliage and trees suggestive of touchups; five close up images under UV are available.  20th century frame, not original.