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English Oak Plank-Top Refectory Table, 20th Century



Circa mid 20th century; comfortably seats 8
Item # 109VRZ11 

A heavy and incredibly well built refectory dining table, it is crafted with careful period techniques with huge solid golden oak planks utilized for every element. The top is a carefully joined set of five planks that are nearly invisibly brought together to create a seamless top. This is affixed over trestle legs with screws through iron tabs. The vertical trestle column is set in a deep groove in either foot and locked in place with square wooden pegs. A thick stretcher runs the length of the table and locks the entire form together with tapered wedges on either side.

The design allows the table to be taken apart for safe transport, where the top is removed, the wedges are removed and the entire form comes apart in four pieces.

Most attractive to the table is the very effective faux-aging of the surfaces to simulate the kind of wear you would expect from a 16th century original, this augmented nicely by natural wear and years of waxing to create a delightful silky surface. It is a table that grows more attractive as it is moderately worn, used, stained from spills and handled by the family with a natural finish that is always easily restored with simple waxes. It is a gorgeous and stress-free piece that is a joy to live with, built to stand the test of time for generations to come.

Measurements: 90" W x 37 1/2" D x 29 1/2" H

Condition Report:
Filled and stabilized separation between planks on either end (plate to underside covering internal bolt). Wear and discoloration to the surface throughout with a warm natural patina. Gap between planks in leg trestles.