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  • Antique Bronze Sculpture of Woman and Child by Susse Freres
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Exceptional Bronze Sculpture of Woman and Child by Susse Freres

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France c. third quarter of the 19th century, edited by Susse Freres, stamped “Susse FF” en verso
Item # 510XLI25A

Of simply magnificent quality throughout, this very fine sculpture of the Napoleon III period is a distinctly Neoclassical subject inspired by the Neo-Grec sentiments of the era.  This is prominently found in the Greek attire of the female and Gothic embellishments of the angular pedestal, featuring an intricately sculpted Lion-Gargoyle mask over an anthemion motif.  The casting quality and finishing work is quite exceptional, each detail perfectly filed and chased in the surface and capturing perfect realism in even the most difficult of features: fingernails, eyelids, individual hairs and folds of the garments.  The patina is original and vibrant, a wonderful mix of gentle greens, browns and hints of reddish-brown undertones.  The vessel along the bottom of the pedestal is burnished bronze to simulate gilding, a fine contrast against the darker pedestal.

For the serious collector of fine Classical sculpture, this large and most striking work is an absolute treasure that remains preserved in outstanding original condition. It will certainly be a cherished addition to any finely detailed interior. 

Measurements:  20” H x 13 3/4” W x 5 3/8” D

Condition Report:
Possible object absent from woman’s upraised hand, as a tiny hole in palm would suggest. Patina with oxidization and discoloration, particularly in the robes and folds of fabric on the back of the sculpture. Light wear to the original patina throughout, more notably on the arms and upraised finger. Overall exceptional condition and most striking.  Please see all images for full overview on condition.