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  • George III Inlaid Satinwood Bookcase Cabinet | England, circa 1800
  • George III Inlaid Satinwood Bookcase Cabinet | England, circa 1800
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George III Inlaid Satinwood Bookcase Cabinet | England, circa 1800

ITEM #: 007OQB30P

Price:  $5,000.00

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England, circa 1800
Item # 007OQB30P 

A fine and vibrant George III period bookcase cabinet situated over a one-drawer stand, it is beautifully dressed in brilliant satinwood veneers set against rosewood and mahogany contrasting transitions for effect. The surface is elaborately inlaid with several exotic and stained woods - in the crest this is used to draw a detailed scene of a Neoclassical urn surmounted by animal-head mounts carrying draperies in their mouths while chaotic displays of foliage pour from the top. In the lower drawer, a similar urn is flanked by griffon with the same curling vines sprouting foliage and small flowers.

The cabinet is crafted in two parts, the upper bookcase affixed with four screws through the bottom into the lower stand. It features an upholstered interior with two adjustable shelves. The crest is surmounted on either side by cast iron vasiform finials.

The single drawer is crisply hand-dovetailed in the typical manner.

This is a particularly useful piece for its fine dimensions and austere lines. While it is most at home among traditional objects, the Neoclassical austerity allows it to meld perfectly with modern interiors, adding some much needed historical surface to minimal settings.

Measurements: 72 3/8" H x 17 1/8" D x 36 1/8" W

Condition Report:
The left and right sides of crown surrounding the top were removed at one point - these originally would have fully continued around the crest of the case. Vertical strip added to the back of the bookcase backboards for support. Legs are not perfectly square; back right leg with a patched loss to veneer on foot. Various spots of cracking to the veneers throughout. Small loss to veneer of bottom left corner of left door. Retains one early key.