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  • Alfred Pollentine (British, 1836-90) Antique Grand Canal Venice Oil Painting

"Grand Canal", oil painting | Alfred Pollentine (British, 1836-90)

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Oil on canvas, signed "A. Pollentine" lower right, apparently dated "76"
Item # 120110RPR02

This is a good oil painting by British artist Alfred Pollentine capturing a "View of the Grand Canal" with the cityscape of Venice in the background.  The colors and overall tones of this work are mellow and sepia, the sky lightly overcast with a soft pink hue, the horizon broken by the towers and domes of a working class Venice as small mountains loom in the distance. Throughout the harbor are a handful of small boats, one pulled up to the stone wall with villagers gathered around. Along the dirt pathway, passerby's go about their business on the outskirts of the city, a young man waits by a horse-drawn cart below which is a small repaired tear.

The painting is being sold in as-is condition prior to necessary conservation (see condition notes).  True to most of Pollentine's works, this truly captures the glory and romance of Venice with a unique snapshot of a part of the canal rarely seen.

Measurements: (framed) 39 1/8" wide x 25 1/4" high (canvas) 32" wide x 18" high

Condition Report:
Upper left corner has a 6-7" tear along it at the edge of the frame. Long craquelure throughout. Frame is heavily chipped and worn, dirty and dusty. Patched en verso, repairing an L-shape tear below the man standing by the horse drawn wagon, the tear then lightly inpainted. Other small inpainting, Varnish uneven, as it has disappeared from most of the surface except the edges where it remains somewhat shiny still.