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  • Louis XV Gray Painted Fauteuil, French, 18th Century
  • Louis XV Gray Painted Arm Chair, French, 18th Century
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Louis XV Gray Painted Fauteuil, French, 18th Century

ITEM #: 008EXP26I-3

Price:  $1,775.00

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Circa late 18th to early 19th century; with parcel gold highlights
Item # 008EXP26I-3

A gorgeous painted fauteuil of the Louis XV period, this delightful chair has a historical surface of many layers, having been painted and touched up numerous times over the years. The old cracks and repairs show remnants of earlier paints and grime, each layer telling a different story of ownership. True to the craftsmanship of the era, where objects made were expected to last indefinitely if well-cared for, most stress joints are locked firmly in place with little wooden pegs. These are driven through the tenon joint and supplement the hide-glue for a more permanent joint.

The surface is predominantly a gray and charcoal painted surface with parcel gilt highlights to the crest florals and the relief carvings of the knees, toes and apron. It was upholstered recently in a very high quality modern linen with only the most minor of use indicators/spots.

This is a chair that lives on and still serves with great function and great comfort with sturdy joints and a clean modern finish. It is a fine addition both to the traditional and modern interior.

Note, we acquired these as a set of four and are selling them individually. We may have three other matching fauteuils to this still available in the shop. Please contact us or browse the shop inventory if additional chairs are of interest.

Measurements: 36 1/8" H x 24 1/4" W x 25" D x approx. 17" H to seat

Condition Report:
Extensive wear to the surface with paint loss throughout; numerous layers of paint, original surface color unknown; old inactive pest damage throughout; old repairs/cracks/etc. that are now tight and sturdy. Wood chipping/loss to inner edge of the back of the seat-back near left arm. Upholstery in good condition with only minor spots/use indicators.