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How to care for your bronze sculpture

Posted by Silla Ltd on 28th Jun 2021

A sculpture acquired from a good gallery should require almost no maintenance to keep in pristine condition in near perpetuity.  It was already likely waxed and sealed. Keeping it free of dirt a … read more

Decorating with Antiques

Posted by Silla Ltd on 18th Jan 2019

As a dealer in antiques, naturally I am biased.  I love the pieces we bring into the gallery and there is a reason behind each and every acquisition.  We try to acquire pieces that: tell … read more
How to clean bronze sculpture

How to clean bronze sculpture

Posted by Silla Ltd on 5th May 2018

Bronze sculpture is best enjoyed in as near to perfect condition as is reasonable or possible - in our opinion, a great sculpture that is well-cared for should appear identical to how it appeared w … read more