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Standing Dromedary Camel | Exquisitely Cast

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Circa last quarter of the 19th century

Standing Dromedary Camel

Sand-cast patinated bronze | unsigned

Item # 211KBC17M 

It is difficult to convey with words the sheer mastery of surface exhibited in this wonderful bronze model of a Dromedary Camel. Clearly the product of an incredibly skilled sculptor, the talent is at least equally matched by the artists at the foundry. The figure is sleepy and captured with an almost dreamlike softness of textures throughout that slightly remove the figure from reality to become ever-so-slightly transcendent. There is the slightest hint of anthropomorphized features in Dromedary that evoke a sleepy smile on the beast's face in his lazy gait.

As the bronze is unsigned, it is difficult to get a full picture of the influences behind the sculpture, but the styling of the base and modeling of the figure show a distinct Japanese influence that tries to replicate the free-form naturalistic dried and cracked surface of the sandy desert that the contemporary Meiji period Japanese sculptors often (but not always) executed over carved wood.

Note the incredibly sensitive surface work, the overwhelming majority of which has been captured directly from the original wax and has been expertly transfered to the surface of this bronze; exceedingly good finishing work by the chaser and ciseleur at the foundry is evident throughout and a very pleasant patina was applied being overall medium-brown with undertones of red-oxide.

Measurements: 10" H x 7 3/8" D x 14" W

Condition Report:
Exquisite original condition with an untouched surface patina; carefully cleaned in-house and sealed under wax. One bolt missing its nut on the underside.