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Consigning Antiques and Fine Art

We are currently accepting high-quality consignments of antiques and bronze sculpture.  Browse our "Sold" archive for an overview of the kinds of objects we like to carry.  

  • Consigned goods would be delivered to our shop, where we will photograph them in utmost detail, catalogue them and hold them in our collection.

  • Items must be in presentation ready condition - some types of items we can arrange restoration on in order to get the item ready to market, but in general we will only accept items in pristine condition.

  • Item must have a minimum fair market value of $3,000 to be considered for consignment

  • You must be prepared to wait for the item to sell - we require items to be consigned exclusively with us for 18 months minimum to allow the item full market exposure and an opportunity to find a new home. 

  • We provide maximum exposure of your item via, Ruby Lane, eBay, Google Shopping ad campaigns, our large bi-monthly newsletter and our primary website.  

Some specific categories of products we are always interested in offering our clients are:

  • Romantic bronze sculpture c. 1860-1910.  Only the best of the period is interesting to us so the detailing must be exquisite, the casting absolutely flawless, the patina original and in excellent condition.  Naturally the sculpture must be signed, but it also must be executed during the lifetime of the artist except in certain situations where the sculpture is of such high quality that it's posthumous casting is not important to collectors.  We also prefer that the sculpture be foundry marked, but that is not always the case with these sculptures.  

  • Animalier bronze sculpture c. 1860-1910

  • Art Nouveau sculpture of the quality and requirements described above

  • Art Deco sculpture is also considered on a case by case basis

  • French furnishings c. 1750-1910 - this is a broad range, but we've found that the French taste has a passionate following within all years of circulation.  We are almost exclusively looking for pieces of the French Empire, Louis XV, Louis XVI and Directoire styles - Provincial forms are considered only on a case by case basis.  Please note that due to Pennsylvania upholstery law, we are required to sterlize all upholstery which may result in damage to the fabric.

  • American furniture of the Federal and Chippendale periods c. 1750-1830.  Only unaltered and fully original pieces are considered.  Minor changes like brasses or a single foot/backboard/element are generally acceptable.

  • English furniture of the Chippendale, Georgian and Regency periods c. 1740-1830.  Only pristine condition pieces of "high style" are considered.

  • Romantic era oil paintings, particularly Dutch and French paintings of the Barbizon School.

  • Heriz and Serapi rugs c. 1880-1910.  These must be in pristine condition with only minor damage or wear, no staining or alterations.



Q.  Why shouldn't I simply consign the item with a local or regional auction house?  They would sell much faster than 18 months.

A.  While we require an item stay exclusively consigned to us for 18 months, our average item sells in well under a year after being catalogued; however, due to the amount of time required to completely catalog an item, we need to know the item will have the time necessary to find it's market.  That is why we will not accept pieces with an unrealistic expected sale price or shorter commitment periods.  However, auction houses are good at moving items along quickly, they are not reliable method for realizing the market value for your goods.  Auction houses operate as liquidators, and while many do a very good job of trying to bring in retail traffic, the majority of merchandise sold in an auction room is purchased by dealers.  On top of possibly realizing a wholesale price, that sum is greatly reduced by the 15-25% buyer's premium and 15-20% seller's premium paid to the auction house.  We charge 30% on a fair retail price, which will end up netting you a much stronger return on your items than auction method.

Q.  Won't my items be at risk of being damaged by customers in your shop?  

A.  The majority of our traffic is online - we sell locally, but very infrequently.  When clients drop by the shop, they are accompanied the entire visit and only minimal handling of items ever occurs.  Unlike locations that rely on retail foot traffic, we don't have many window shoppers that drive into the hillsides of Shippensburg, PA.  Our shop is almost perfectly climate controlled with 55-60% humidity year round and sealed to minimize dust and sunlight exposure to items.  However, we do require that you personally maintain insurance on all items you consign with us or have them consigned at your own risk, since there is always a chance something unexpected could occur.

Q.  I live too far from Shippensburg, PA to bring the items to the shop - can I still consign?

A.  We can arrange for the items to be collected and brought to our shop at your expense, which can actually be quite reasonable for multiple items.  Smaller items, like bronze sculptures and paintings, can be safely packaged and sent via FedEx.  However, before doing so we would need to see detailed pictures and chat with you about your items to make sure they are of a quality we would be willing to market.  All items are physically located on our premises, never held at other locations or allowed to stay in consignors homes - this allows us to ship items immediately once a client has purchased and also allows us full control over the cataloging process.

Q.  I have a number of local antique stores and art galleries in my area.  Shouldn't I just consign with them?

A.  If you are near another dealer or art gallery with an excellent reputation, you should definitely consider simply selling through them.  We are quite effective at what we do, but many dealers do an equally excellent job and it might be more efficient for you to simply sell there.  We would just encourage you to find out exactly how the item will be marketed - with such a vast majority of antique and fine art sale volume occurring online, a holistic strategy for cataloging and presenting your item online is imperative to making sure it sells quickly at it's full market value.  Are items professionally photographed or is the photography amateur? Is there enough detail in the catalog descriptions for collectors to ascertain all of the necessary details prior to commiting to a purchase? Does the dealer offer and coordinate shipping nationwide (we also ship worldwide for all smaller works of art) or make the client handle all shipping arrangements?  These small differences make a big difference in actually making the sale versus gathering dust. 

We would love to chat with you more about consignment and whether it would be a good option for your items!  Contact us with the form below or by phone to chat about your specific objects.

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