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  • Fine American Flame Painted Antique Blanket Chest, Pennsylvania c. 1830-50

Fine American Flame Painted Blanket Chest, Pennsylvania c. 1830-50

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Southeastern Pennsylvania c. 1830-50, preserved in nearly untouched original condition
Item # 1402BQS21PA

This is a very fine and remarkably well preserved antique American blanket chest with a delightful flame painted original surface, the whole executed very skillfully to imitate match booked mahogany veneers. Originating from the Southeastern counties of Pennsylvania, this chest was crafted in the second quarter of the nineteenth century of solid Cedar primary woods and poplar secondary woods with some white pine secondary woods. The molded edge is affixed to the top with wooden pegs around the perimeter, this lifting over original iron hinges (retaining original hand filed screws) to reveal a clean and large interior. The till on the left has a panel beneath it, originally lockable but now easily opened by pulling to reveal two small drawers, each handsomely crafted with tidy dovetails and nailed bottoms, retaining their original turned wooden knobs. The bottom of the case is attached to the sides with large wooden pegs driven through the underside into the frame, each corner having a square wooden block affixed with square iron nails into which the large dowels of the feet are sunk. The feet are beautifully turned balls topped by a sharp ring, each well worn and attractively patinated.

For anyone passionate about painted Pennsylvania antiques, this is an absolute treasure. Nearly untouched and retaining originality in every aspect of the case, this is an outstanding addition to any classically styled interior.

Measurements: 47" wide x 22 1/16" deep x 25 1/4" high

Condition Report:
No keys. The hidden panel is missing it's lock. Scratches and wear as expected to original painted finish. Wear to the feet.