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  • Italian School Marble Sculpture "Bust of a Woman" | 19th Century
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A Fine Italian Marble Bust of a Young Woman | late 19th century

ITEM #: 103PNW08E

Price:  $7,800.00

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Circa mid-to-late 19th century, signed verso "Marchetti"
Item # 103PNW08E 

An exquisite late 19th century bust of a provincial young woman carved from a single block of carrara marble, the ability of the unknown sculptor to capture movement and spirit is notable. Her feminine features are soft and confident, totally at peace as she faces into the wind. The breeze is strong as it moves her hair beyond the reach of her shawl, strands of hair spilling over the tasseled fringe of the covering. Note the intricacy of the tassels, many of which have fully pierced beading.

There is an innocence and chasteness to the scene that is immediately observed, the garment clung tightly around her shoulders in its numerous layers - but perhaps most powerful is the overall tranquility of her features, a total relaxation that hints at a strength of character.

The work is signed in a script along the back of the footing "Marchetti".

Measurements: 18" H x 11" D x approx. 12 5/8" W

Condition Report:
Fine original condition. Minor chips, including a small chip to one shoulder; some discoloration of overall marble surface.