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  • A Rare Regency Rosewood Writing Slope, England c. 1815
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A Rare Regency Rosewood Writing Slope, England c. 1815

ITEM #: 801EZX27

Price:  $2,200.00

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England, circa 1815; includes a circa 1849 quill by Isaac Parkes
Item # 801EZX27

An inordinately fine box, the exterior is dressed with full width and depth rosewood veneers carefully applied to flow between seams of the writing slope.  Heavy gauge brass mounts are affixed with hand cut screws, allowing delicate corners to be protected in a piece that was intended for regular use.  The original key opens the brass lock (marked in triplicate Patent) to reveal a fitted interior of two ink wells flanking a pen cove, under which a small storage space is accessed.  An early and beautifully tooled leather writing surface remains in exceptional condition; tiny brass tabs in the lower slope are depressed to allow access to the document storage.  A crafty sprung brass button is released by opening the slope, allowing the full depth drawer to be released from the side of the case.  Inside the slope is retained an early quill dip pen with the name of Isaac Parkes circa 1849 and a registry number.  The degree of finishing in this box is exceptional - no expense was spared in the quality of material and craftsmanship.

Measurements:  17 3/4 W x 9 3/4 D x 6 3/4 H [closed]; 19 1/2 D [opened]

Condition Report:
Spot of veneer missing beside side drawer and side drawer has a shrinkage crack in the underside.  Small brass dot missing from one corner of writing surface.  Pink stringing later in lower document compartment.  Some fading to the rosewood exterior and age appropriate wear.  Includes one working key.  Box does not close completely due to some shrinkage - the raised lock catch rubs a bit and the top must be pushed a bit to get it to close.  This is easily resolved by lightly filing the interior of the lock clasp, but we prefer to leave pieces untouched when possible; however, this can be completed upon request.