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  • "Chien de Chasse", bronze sculpture | Paul-Edouard Delabrierre
  • "Chien de Chasse", bronze sculpture | Paul-Edouard Delabrierre
  • "Chien de Chasse", bronze sculpture | Paul-Edouard Delabrierre
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"Chien de Chasse", bronze sculpture | Paul-Edouard Delabrierre

ITEM #: 003XFR17Z

Price:  $3,850.00

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Patinated bronze with plaster filled base; signed in rock "E. Delabrierre"; circa 1870
Item # 003XFR17Z 

Typical of Delabrierre's work, the present model is exceptionally well detailed. Note the exceedingly fine sculpting of the feet with each nail carefully chiseled, the hammered texturing of the plants and intricate modeling of the dog's hair with various widths of stylus. The texture of the original mold has been beautifully captured in the bronze and only brought to the surface with the finishing work of the ciseleur sparingly. Finished in a rich golden brown patination with darker browns and blacks in the recesses, the subtle textures and ripples of the surface capture light in a dramatic way. There are two variations of this model, one with the hunting dog standing with a duck caught in his mouth and the present model without the duck.

Artist Listings & Further Reading:

  • Bronzes of the 19th Century: A Dictionary of Sculptors, Pierre Kjellberg, 1994, p. 276-278 [variation of present model depicted with a duck in mouth]

Measurements: 11 1/2" W (10 1/2" W at base) x 4 1/4" D (base) x 8" H

Condition Report:
Minor spots of relief wear to patina on edge of ear, tip of nose, hip and crown of head. Otherwise exceptional original condition.