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"Dromadaire Monté Par Un Arabe", bronze sculpture | Antoine-Louis Barye

ITEM #: 904ZXG28Q

Price:  $5,800.00

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Signed in base "BARYE", stamped foundry cachet underside "A.D" (Auguste Delafontaine)
Item # 904ZXG28Q 

An exquisite group executed in the technically looser style Barye developed towards the end of his life, it is one of the last figural groups he executed and very few were actually cast under his supervision.  It is believed to have been conceived in 1874.  It is clearly a development of the model listed in Barye's 1855 catalogue, "Dromadaire Harnaché d'Egypt", where only slight differences have been introduced to the camel and with the obvious the addition of the seated rider.  Barye's abilities in conveying sensitivity and emotion in a work are particularly well represented in this model where an air of mysticism and romance exude in the loose impressionism of the model.

The present model was edited by Auguste Delafontaine, who purchased Barye's molds at his estate sale in 1875 and used the foundry of Henry Molz et Fils in collaboration with his own foundry until his retirement in 1905.  His foundry cachet is cold-stamped into the underside as "A D".

The sculpture retains its original surface chemical and pigment patina, a fine and complex range of black, green and brown hues.

It is an exceedingly rare and exceptional work.

Literature & Further Reading:

  • "The Barye Bronzes: A Catalogue Raisonne", Stuart Pivar, 1974, see p. 89 for present figure; see p. 288 for the present figure in Barye's catalogue, object no. 229 for 100 francs, original dimensions of 24 cm x 16 cm
  • "Barye: Catalogue Raisonné des Sculptures", Michel Poletti & Alain Richarme, 2000, p. 89, f. 37
  • "Animals in Bronze", Christopher Payne, 2002, p. 118, f. CAM5
  • "Founders and Editors of the Barye Bronzes", J.G. Reinis, 2007, p. 85-89 [discussion of Auguste Delafontaine's role in casting Barye's bronzes], p. 87 f. 43 [present sculpture cast by Auguste Delafontaine, purchased in the 1875 sale of the Barye estate and perhaps cast as late as 1905]
  • Bronze Sculpture of Les Animaliers, Jane Horswell, 1971; present figure not present, but p. 23 depicts "Dromadaire Harnaché d'Egypt", the circa 1855 predecessor to the present model
  • See Christies, Sale 1296, April 25 2003, lot 9, 10 7/8" H to tip of lance; presumably cast by Auguste Delafontaine; achieved 7170 USD
  • See Christies, Sale 1296, April 25 2003, lot 8, (missing lance); short discussion of context of the work in "Lot Essays"; atelier cast; achieved 4182 USD

Measurements: 10 7/8" H (total height including staff); 9 1/4" H (height to head of figure) x 6 1/4" W (base) x 2 3/4" D (base)

Condition Report:
Wear to original patina under the waxes, revealing lower levels of patination - more evident in the greens; lance is possibly replaced; carefully cleaned, polished and sealed with wax; a very fine presentation.