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"Joan d'Arc Ennobled by Charles VII" | French, circa 1850

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A very fine sand-cast model; France, circa 1850-70
Item # 105DBP21A 

A technical feat, this very fine circa 1850s sand-cast model of Joan d'Arc is crafted with at least a dozen individually cast elements ingeniously locked together using only screws and bolts; the result allows the entire model to be disassembled for cleaning and periodic maintenance. This time consuming approach to casting allowed for some incredibly fine models without utilizing the more costly and complicated lost-wax method.

Unmarked, it is highly reminiscent of the sculpture of Theodore Gechter, not only in terms of subject matter and modeling of the figures, but also in terms of the casting techniques. The complex model is a dramatic scene that probably depicts Charles VII ennobling Joan of Arc in December of 1429. Finished in a wonderful varied overall surface patina with mostly black and light browns augmented by hints of reddish-brown and golden hues along the raised elements, the surface is chaotic and positively glows throughout.

Measurements: 14 1/2" H x 6 3/4" D x 16 1/8" W

Condition Report:
Extensive wear and rubbing loss to surface patina throughout, overall remaining quite vibrant and compelling; relief wear throughout, including edges of garments, tips of noses, edges of various accessories, etc. Some patina touchups evident under UV examination: face and hands of Joan, her shin, her right shoulder (facing), her knees, Charles VII's face and hands. Sculpture has been professionally disassembled, cleaned, tightened and sealed in beeswax. Ready to place. A very fine statement piece.