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Room Size Antique Heriz Rug | Persia, circa early 20th century

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Sale Price: $6,750.00
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Persia, circa first quarter of the 20th century
Item # 911FPP16S 

This stunning room-size rug is notable for the truly compelling colors throughout the field. The rich blues, intense reds and gentle accents of pink are quite breathtaking. Hand-woven in wool over a cotton warp and weft structure with cotton selvedge cords wrapped in wool, it was executed during the first years of the 20th century, probably right around 1920. The piece has worn quite beautifully with an all-over low pile and even tread throughout.

The true nature of the Heriz is truly only revealed as the pile lowers to expose the sharp geometry of the carpet and as sunlight over long periods of time mellows the vegetable dyes. As an unusually sturdy rug, the well cared for Heriz actually benefits from use over time and becomes more beautiful as the years pass.

There is an almost perfect balance between the rich red ground immediately surrounding the centermost eight-pointed motif and the secondary blue ground before the spandrels, both being distinctly angular with serrated foliage, representation of palm-like plants, vines with leaves and very few flowering motifs.

A rich and vibrant piece that literally sets the stage for your room, it is a very fine acquisition for any well designed space.

Measurements: 151" x 111" [approx. 12.6' x 9.25']

Condition Report:
Low even pile throughout with minor weft/warp visibility; ends reduced with some wear to integral fringes; structure is sturdy and pliable; minor fraying and loose threads to the selvedge cords with some visibility of the underlying cotton; rug remaining in overall very good condition.