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  • "Taureau Beuglant”, bronze sculpture | Rosa Bonheur & Peyrol
  • "Taureau Beuglant”, bronze sculpture | Rosa Bonheur & Peyrol
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"Taureau Beuglant”, bronze sculpture | Rosa Bonheur

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With brown-and-black patina, signed in base "Rosa B."; sand-cast, circa 1840s
Item # 007WFG07Z 

A finely cast lifetime bronze sculpture by Rosa Bonheur, this gorgeous little work of a bellowing bull is finished in a most attractive brown chemical patina with near black in the recesses and textures, entirely original and remaining in excellent condition. The details captured in the present cast are exceptional and are almost certainly the fine product of a relatively early mold with exceptional finishing - all elements are beautifully chiseled, sanded and filed for a simply gorgeous result. Interestingly, the figure is affixed through the base with hand-cut screws into tapped feet, a departure from many variants of this model we have handled over the years.

In 1872, Isidore Bonheur exhibited his model of a Bellowing Bull, which we may still have available in the gallery, a study that perfectly opposes Rosa's Taureau Beuglant. Isidore's model was arguably cast to be a pair to Rosa's and they were likely retailed together.

Examples of Rosa's work cast during her lifetime are rare and always exquisite - we specialize in her work as well as that of her brother, Isidore Bonheur. This is a very fine acquisition for the serious collector of the Animaliers.

Literature and research:

  • Bronze Sculptures of 'Les Animaliers, Jane Horswell, 1971, p. 180 for present model [see p. 205 for Isidore Bonheur's bellowing bull, a likely pair to the present model]
  • The Animaliers, James Mackay, 1973, p. 32/2 [color illustration of model pictured with recorded dimensions]
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  • Forrest, Michael, "Art Bronzes", page 471 

:  3 7/8” D x 8 1/2” W x 5 7/8” H

Condition Report:
Exquisite original patina with only the most minor of handling wear. Cleaned, waxed and polished.