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  • Thomas Cartier (French, 1879-1943) Antique Bronze, Nordic Warrior on Horseback

Thomas Cartier (French, 1879-1943) Antique Bronze, Nordic Warrior on Horseback

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Signed "T. Cartier" on the base, early 20th Century
Item # 1403XPP05-W

A striking work full of action and movement, this French Equestrian Bronze Sculpture by Thomas Francois Cartier is a fine depiction of a Norse Warrior looking deep into the horizon while reining in his mount. Every aspect of the work honors utmost realism in details and adherence to natural proportions, a testament to the unknown foundry, furthermore being a highly complex piece to cast. It is crafted of a myriad of perfectly cast (lost wax) elements, including the removable spear, which alone is cast in two separate parts. The Nordic figure has distinct and sharp features of a weathered fighter - every detail is executed with care; take, for example, the hand that grasps the reins: each knuckle, the tenons stretched to allow his fist, the fingernails and wrinkles of his hand, all perfectly captured by the artist. The horse is a powerful and proud beast, exuding dignity while his master reins his head in tightly. The whole form rests over a naturalistic base with Cartier's signature in the front right edge.

For serious collectors of fine bronze works, particularly those interested in Equestrian scenes and Nordic groups, this is a work that only rarely comes to market. It will certainly be a treasured part of your collection and the overall aesthetic of your home for a lifetime.

Measurements: 17 3/4" high x 14 1/2" long x 7 1/2" deep

Condition Report:
Abrasion to patina on hip, light patina wear on neck of horse where straps rub, spots of verdigris oxidization in crevices; patina wear to handled areas: helmet, shoes, arms, knees of horse - all very light and not really noteworthy. Overall excellent condition.