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Vintage 14k Gold Graduated Bead Double-Strand Necklace

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Item # C104271 

A super long and playful collection of graduated 14 karat yellow gold beads over an internal gold link chain. The length allows it to be worn either as a double-layered necklace or as one incredibly long statement piece. It has an interesting clasp that is cleverly integrated into the beads, operating with a circular push-button on the top of one bead that works to release the internal clasp.


  • Composition: 14 Karat Yellow Gold
    All items are rigorously tested for metal content. Ask us about our 4-step metal content testing process. Metal content is guaranteed.
  • Markings: push-button clasp release stamped "14$" (the $ might be a stylized EA)
  • Dimensions: 35" wearable length
  • Age: 20th Century
  • Total Weight: 41.72 grams
  • Condition notes: Some light wear to the 18k gold wash on the top of the 14k gold, showing the lighter hue of 14k beneath on the apex of some beads. The chain has a tiny soldered repair at the joint of the clasp and a bit of the solder is visible along the edge of the tiny bead. Approximately 1" of chain visibility where no beads occupy the length, this allowing the beads to be able to comfortably shift back and forth depending on the number of curves in it without buckling. A fine presentation.